Riccardo Dalisi

Riccardo Dalisi

Slamp Designer

Born in Potenza on May 1st 1931, Riccardo Dalisi moves to Naples as a young boy.
He teaches at the faculty of Architecture of Naples from 1969, defining himself a craftsman teacher. His friends are old metalworkers, carpenters, basket weavers, artisans and industrial technicians.
He has received many teachings from his inseparable friends, the young street people of Naples; to them, everything is alive and can become a game; for everything there is the heroism of a smile, of the scene, of immediate invention, of risk.
He has tried to translate architectural culture from books to pulsating reality. He is one of the acknowledged creators of animation in Italy.
Many of the national and international awards he has won have been stored away, leaving space to his eternal quest for a truer and more direct contact with social reality, the quest for true poetry – desperately needed in today’s world.

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