Jonas Clementoni

Slamp Designer

Born in Brussels, 1983. He believes that architecture, art and design have a growing role in the culture that recognizes a symbiosis between nature and artifacts. He acquired important modeling knowledge when attending the Istituto d’Arte di Civita Castellana. He studied motor vehicle design, completing a degree in Industrial design from the Università La Sapienza di Roma. His designs are driven by the desire to humanize and make vehicles more organic, in form, material and energy consumption. He has participated in laboratory-exhibitions and experimental research in Italy, including “13×17” modern art exhibition, curated by Philippe Daverio and Jean Blanchaert which concluded during the 2007 edition of the Venice Biennale. He also participates in the European “Artemisia” exhibition, organized every year by the Opera Bosco Museo di Arte nella Natura. He investigates the use of bionic and renewable energy technology, and the aesthetic-economic value of products. Having studied percussion, lends to reflections on the structural influence of rhythm in cultures. In 2008, he designed “Las Palmas” for Slamp, a formal expression of trees bending towards the light. Jonas Clementoni lives and works in Italy, Argentina and Uruguay.


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